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Now what?

Enrolled Students --


Log into Canvas ( ) and do the Mandatory Online Orientation items during the first few days of the course.

If you log into Canvas and do not see the course -- it may not be available yet.  It will be available a couple of days before the official start of the course.

CANVAS is the online "class" platform that American River College - Los Rios Colleges use for their online courses.  It is wise to get familiar in advance with Canvas if you plan on taking online courses from Los Rios. You may be used to another online course platform such as D2L, Blackboard, or Moodle.


Do not worry about the different platforms -- just get yourself logged on and start to click on everything to see how it works. If you anticipate having problems taking an online course with Canvas, you should plan on coming to ARC campus and working in the CIS lab Room until you are comfortable on your own.

Need help?

Video Tours


The course and the orientation will show up on your Canvas site usually a few days before the official start date of the course.


Once the course is up and running AND admin has enrolled my students - I open the course. Sometimes this is sooner then later but I attempt to email everyone when it becomes available.


The course will only show up in your account if you are enrolled in it.


The orientation quiz will be announced to students via ARC gmail accounts and available a few days before the course begins.


Be sure to check your student gmail account.


Enrolled students that do not "check in" and do the mandatory online orientation items by the due date will be considered "no shows" and dropped from the course.

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