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CISW 355 Web Imaging Project
Adobe Photoshop CC

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This course is a continuation of CISW 350. It covers the creation of graphics and videos for the Web for marketing and advertising, and it introduces the steps, procedures, and common problems encountered when producing quality graphics for professional websites and social media. Topics include compressing and upload times, cropping and resizing, digital camera imaging, retouching and fixing photographs, photographic special effects and filters, rasterizing text, image maps, and videos. Popular industry photo editing applications will be used to compose, edit, and save graphic images.

**Prerequisite:  CISW 350

** This course is not taught every semester.

Required Software:


Adobe Photoshop CC 

* Available for students in labs at ARC

* Must have Adobe CC subscription if working at home or work - Student Rate

Foundation for California Community Colleges



Suggested Resource Textbook:


Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book

*2021 or 2022 version

Keep the book you have for CISW 350!


Text is not mandatory -- nice to have a resource handy

Transparent Texture

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • generate and manipulate graphics from a variety of graphics software.

  • appraise and implement graphics for simulated client based projects.

  • compare different technologies that can be used to capture and acquire digital images and video.

  • differentiate among Web graphic file formats and determine when to use them.

  • analyze website concepts and marketing techniques using graphics and video.

  • produce graphics and videos to use on social media sites.

  • collect information, such as photos or existing logos, from users in a non-technical environment.

  • explore photo and video editing cloud based applications.

  • create professional graphics and videos to build a portfolio to present to potential clients.

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