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CISA 346 Social Media Applications

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Description: This course introduces a variety of social media applications and content platforms for marketing both small and large businesses. It includes popular applications for online social networking services (Facebook Pages for business), microblogging (Twitter), visual bookmark boards (Pinterest), video-sharing websites and YouTube channels, Internet based photo and video sharing apps (Instagram and Snapchat), and image editing mobile apps specifically for marketing. It also includes tracking social media, apps and integration, link building, and monetization.

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WELCOME EVERYONE!!! I am excited that you have given yourself the opportunity to learn some great skills. I am constantly learning as this environment changes so I get super excited to share anything that I think will help in your quest to market effectively on the Internet.  Such powerful tools for FREE!

Just so you know ~ this topic changes so quickly and there is much information and applications ~ we will be covering many popular applications now but will be bringing up others as well.  Students are encouraged to share any applications they find useful too!

This is NOT a cookie cutter class.  This means assignments will be given weekly sometimes with me adding something new and exciting of interest to the class that may not be mentioned in the schedule.

I realize this is a 1-unit course 8 week course. There are a few (only a few) of you that only want to do what it takes with minimum effort on your part to pass and get the unit – and this is perfectly okay.  I also know that some of you are as enthusiastic as I am to get as much “under your belt” as you can because you are truly going to use all of this information for a marketing job, a business you have, a business you want to start, help a non-profit, or an interest/social entertainment of no dollar value.

With these two types of students in mind ~ some weeks I will offer different levels of effort.  You can decide which level you want to work at.  It will not show on your transcripts but will be rewarded in other ways.  Basically, I am going to give you more than 1-unit worth of stuff to do and I don’t want you to feel obligated unless you need it for yourself.  Each weekly topic that we will cover can be a course by basically, you will have to judge your time and commitment to each topic.

Student Level will be strictly what you need to work on 1-unit and a grade A-F. 

Master Level – you need this stuff, want to work on it, and get it done even if it is over and above what you need for the class.

Our course is on

Canvas might be new to you this semester.  Please tell me if something is confusing, you can't find it, etc. so I can direct everyone in a better manner.  Please let me know if something isn't quite right.  I ask that you don't expect perfection but let me know how anything can be fixed or made more clear.

The content in this course is "must" material for marketing and web professionals but "should know" for any profession at this point.  Have fun with the assignments - research and explore the areas and links I give you in addition.  


  • Give yourself plenty of time. 

  • Go over the material at the beginning of the week and ask questions.  


  • View the extra material for those that want to know more.


Also -- make a folder and have fun pictures ready to use for projects ~ I can't tell you how boring it is if you keep using the same favorite photo for every project.....TAKE SOME FUN PHOTOS.

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Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • analyze various forms of social media technology used in marketing

  • create a business platform using online social networking services

  • set up and use a microblogging application

  • create and add content to a visual bookmark board application

  • create and use Internet based photo and video sharing applications

  • edit, compress, and create graphics using online photo editing and graphic marketing design applications

  • originate, edit, and post video for marketing purposes using online video editing and hosting sites

  • combine and set up links for all media to connect and promote for business

  • critique social media for marketing using analytic tools and applications

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