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CISW 300 Web Publishing – HTML5/CSS3

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This course is an introduction to publishing on the World Wide Web. Topics include creating web pages with Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), organizing a series of pages into a website, and uploading web pages to a server. This course makes extensive use of the computer tools necessary to insert HTML tags, create images, and view web documents. It takes beginning web designers through the process of designing, building, and publishing a working website.


In this course, you will be making several websites using HTML/CSS.  At first it will seem a bit confusing but once you get the hang of reading/writing HTML code, you will enjoy being creative and designing websites.  


Some of you may already have experience with coding and some may have experience with making websites using applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, and Wix.  The best thing about knowing HTML is being able to troubleshoot and optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for yourself or your clients. If you are going into Cyber Security, you MUST know HTML as you will need to have every tool in your skillset to "secure" anything on the Internet.

I have been teaching HTML at ARC since pretty much it started.....yes I am getting old..... but just because I have used it and have taught it for many years doesn't mean I know everything about it. I have to keep learning just like you to keep up with everything.


Besides teaching, I have many Internet Marketing clients. Some clients I have made and maintained their websites for almost 20 years! Knowing how to make the website is the easy part. Client communications, content, and the design work is the hard part.

For this class, we will be using the ARC Power Server to host our websites. There will only be a few assignments that you submit on Canvas.  All the other assignments will be uploaded and presented on your websites. You will be making several websites but navigating to each from a homepage. One website will be tutorial projects from the textbook and the other will be projects that I assign for (simulation) clients ...... no specific directions, just the ideas then you put it together.  Most of your assignments will be graded directly from your website. I want you to have experience uploading and using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) .... no pretend stuff in this class. You will have real experience when you complete.

I normally teach this class as an "on campus in class section."  Be patient with me as I will be making videos (that I normally lecture in class on) as we go along to help you. It takes an amazing amount of time to make these videos and I can rarely reuse many from previous semesters as every semester changes.

I will offer some Zoom Office hours and meetings.  These will be optional and I will record any "lecture Zoom meetings" for those that can't attend but want to hear any discussion. Depending on the class..... will be how many I do.  Several of my classes last semester were not into participating in Zoom meetings and I got tired of hanging out by myself.

You will have weekly assignments. The projects are not posted early but if you want to go ahead in the book, you can follow the schedule. Mainly you will be checking the Modules weekly and everything assigned is under each Week. Due dates are Sundays 11:59pm so plan accordingly.

The book work is step 1, 2, 3 type work where the project should turn out close to what the book pictures.  This is your guided tutorials to learn the skills and practice.  The projects are your own creations.  I treat you as marketing person and give you work similar to that of a client. You are not given step by step directions for the projects but come up with your own web designs.

If you are serious about doing Web Publishing and gaining clients ~ make the assignments/projects part of your portfolio to show potential clients. Take the time to make them look professional and when you finish the course, you will have some sites to place on your website portfolios ~ you will need samples to show clients or to show prospective employers.

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Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • develop web pages applying structured design principles using current standards of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

  • publish documents on the World Wide Web using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software.

  • build, maintain, and organize a working web account on a web server.

  • develop website design concepts using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) structures and table formatting.

  • develop website navigation using lists, links, buttons, and menu options.

  • create a responsive page layout for mobile-friendly design to include tablets and mobile phones.

  • create web forms using standard HTML form tags.

  • produce basic web graphics and incorporate them on a web page using HTML and CSS.

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