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CISC 310 Introduction to Computer Information Science

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This course examines information technology and its role in solving business problems. Topics include information systems, database management systems, networking, e-commerce, ethics and security, and computer systems hardware and software components. These concepts and related methods are applied through hands-on projects to develop computer-based solutions to business problems.

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In this course we will cover many topics under the Computer Science field. I will introduce you to a variety of technical careers that may have never crossed your mind. You will not be an expert on any one topic but you will gain an understanding of what it is about. The topics that you have interest in, you can continue in those courses.  Basically, you will be getting a "touch" of many computer topics and skills. Hopefully you will be able to add to your resumes after this course. 

If you have already decided to pursue a Computer Science degree, you will be in high demand! Those of you that are not decided on career paths yet, throughout this course I encourage you to look at the variety of computer/tech careers that are out there.  For example.... did you know a Librarian requires a Master degree and it is a technical/computer job now ~ think databases.  A marketing degree ~ must rely on Internet marketing now and be fluent with all media. Automotive....... take a look at our automotive courses ~ many technical/computer.  You get the idea.

With practically the world going online right now ~ computer skills have been huge. You can probably guess the highest career demand right now is Cyber Security.

Be sure to stay on top of your assignments each week.  If you turn in one week late - it could cost a letter grade. I do offer extra credit. I give a ton of opportunities to get extra points.  Like I told my sons ~~ if the Professor offers Extra Credit DO IT!  It will buffer your grade. Don't wait until you need it.... I might not be offering anymore.  PLUS... if you have enough points by the end of the semester, you will NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE FINAL EXAM.

You must buy the text the first week of class. It is an online interactive book. There is no way to pass the class without the online text. There is no way to share an account. There are some emergency funds through ARC donations. Contact me immediately if you might need this as there will be many students needing the funds and they will go fast.

Don't wait until the weekend (Sunday items are due) to look over the assignments. Some will be quick and some will take more time than you intended. Start at the beginning of the week so you have time to put some thought into each project.

Seriously..... this is an easy A course as long as you hand in assignments on time. If a project doesn't go as planned and you get a bad grade - I let you fix it for the additional points (if it was in on time).

If you know you are someone that is constantly late and procrastinates then emails (after the due date) the instructor with "why" you couldn't be on time.....please don't take this class. This one will go fast  --- Sunday due dates will be solid. I generously let you hand in assignments up to 1 week late for up to 1/2 credit. You have an entire week to get all assignments done. Assignments are due on Sundays by 11:59pm. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY .... 


Procrastination is the worst enemy to an online student.


-- I take courses as well -- Computer Science teachers - never, ever know it all. It just keeps changing.... If there is something in my course that has changed or is out of date, always let me know. Some of you are experts in tech areas that I am not.

Much success in all of your courses!    

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Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • explain how a computer system works.

  • identify the hardware and software components of a computer network.

  • differentiate between the hardware components of a computer system.

  • describe the relationship between system software and application software.

  • compare the pros and cons of the most commonly used computer operating systems.

  • explain the basic operation of networks.

  • label the types of computer networks.

  • demonstrate the secure utilization of Internet resources.

  • propose methods for ensuring the security of business information systems.

  • discuss and relate the different phases of the system development cycle.

  • demonstrate an understanding of the development and use of information systems in business.

  • recommend methods of assessing business information systems.

  • solve common business problems using appropriate information technologies.

  • manipulate databases using database management software.

  • build software solutions to business problems using Internet technologies.

  • evaluate the impact of information and computer technology on organizations and society including e-commerce, ethics, copyright, privacy, and security.

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