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General Course Policies

** These are general course policies. Each course will have more specific policies that pertain to just that course.


All assignments will be submitted/uploaded online in our Canvas course unless otherwise specified. 


Taken online ~ all quizzes are set up to allow more than double time needed and usually can be taken multiple times.


Late Policy: 

  • All assignments placed in the correct assignment box before due date will be worth up to full credit.

  • Late assignments will be accepted up to one week late for ½ credit.

  • Final Week – no late assignments accepted.


Online Orientation: (this is how I know you are checking into the course and are ready to start)

  • Sign the student contract

  • complete the online Student Learning Contract 

  • introduce yourself on the discussion board by the first Wednesday of class before 11:59pm 


Attendance Participation/Enrollment/Drop Policy: 

  • Online orientation is mandatory

  • Students need to “check-in” within the due date

  • If there is no participation by a student for a week, student may be dropped from course without notification from instructor 

  • It is your responsibility to drop enrollment through administration if you decide to quit taking the course. If you are still on the official roster at the end of the grading period, instructor must turn in a grade.


Discussion Board 

  • Discussion board is used for students to discuss coursework, ask questions from fellow students, and show projects.

  • You are not required to post a discussion item unless directed on the announcements.

  • This is a good place to work together as you are not in class to do this. 

  • Please use correct grammar and be polite in all posts and emails.

  • Anonymous posts are not allowed. 

  • Complaints and negative posts in general will be deleted. 


Individual Questions/Email 


Please email instructor individual questions that you want answered with the subject line: 

Course # Question – these are the first emails that I attend to when checking my email. 


***** It may take a couple of days for a question to be answered just as you were taking a course a couple days per week. I am very busy on weekends; it is not a work day for me --please look at assignments and ask questions (before the weekend) in advance of the due dates—and in anticipation that I may not be answering emails until Monday morning ~ 

All emails with questions, etc. to:

Subject line must include: Course # (ex: CISA 346 Question)


Always include with your e-mail – what it is you are asking in detail and your full name! Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words….Screenshots are great if you are trying to show me something. 

News/Announcements – 

It is your responsibility to read Announcements on a weekly basis. Many times clarification of assignments, book glitches that are found, change of assignments/due dates, extra credit, etc. are posted here. 

Cheating Policy—IMPORTANT----- No tolerance rule for dishonest students. Know this in advance.

  • Assignments turned in by two or more people that are the same (same mistakes, fonts, formulas, etc.) will be given zero points!!!!! So be careful, someone can pick up your file and turn it in as their own and you will get a zero too. 

  • For this class, it is permissible to assist classmates in general discussions of computing techniques. General advice and interaction are encouraged. Each person, however, must develop his or her own solutions to the assigned projects, assignments, and tasks. 

  • A student may not use or copy (by any means) another's work (or portions of it) and represent it as his/her own. 

  • Students must do their own work and use their own email to communicate with instructor. 

  • I keep all files from students in previous semesters. I have comparison software. 

  • IF you are unsure about the consequences and/or do not understand what is considered cheating, please ask me to clarify in advance. 


Disabilities Policy 

  • In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all qualified students enrolled in this course are entitled to reasonable accommodations.


  • Please email me if you are experiencing "life happens and it's not going well"  and may be in need of some accommodations needed for the course. I get it, we have all been there.


  •  ** Even if you don’t have a recognized disability.....if there is something you might need help with just email me and I will try my best to get you set up. 

Evaluation Procedures: 

  • Grades will be kept online in the Canvas Course.

  • Don’t be panicked if you don’t see points on your assignments right after you turn it in……I just haven’t corrected it yet!

  • Expect a week turn-around for correcting—just as if you had handed to me in class. I usually pick a day to correct all of the course work that was turned in on time – anything turned in after usually gets corrected with the next week’s group corrected.

  • There is not an auto-correct going on…it is me – and it takes some time to look at all your beautiful work. 

Policies are super fun.... right?

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