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Name and Pronouns

Instructions for Changing Name and

Adding Gender Pronouns Administratively

What are pronouns?

Everyone has pronouns! Examples are she/her; they/them; he/him. We use pronouns to refer to people in the third person.

Why should I add my pronouns?

To help LGBTQ+ students, particularly Non-Binary and Trans students, feel welcome and included in class and on campus. If everyone shares their pronouns, LGBTQ+ students feel less isolated and safer sharing their own pronouns.

Non-Binary and Trans students often report being misgendered by staff, faculty and other students. Misgendering somebody is when you use incorrect pronouns to refer to them, either intentionally or by mistake. Non-Binary and Trans students in the Los Rios system report that when they are misgendered, it can make them feel invalidated and disrespected. In other words, misgendering can cause heartbreak and pain for the students experiencing it. On the other hand, putting the effort into using people's pronouns can feel affirming. It feels like you care about who they are and are putting the effort into respecting them.


But don't take it from me. Watch this video to hear directly from queer and trans community college students who describe the importance of respecting their pronouns.

Instructions to add pronouns on eServices

  • Log in to your eServices account and select "Profile"

  • Click on the "Biographic" tab at the top of the page

  • Update your information and click "Save"

  • Canvas and rosters should now include the pronouns you indicated


Instructions to add pronouns on Canvas


  • Click your profile (the little round circle in the top left).

  • Then click 'settings.'

  • Add your pronouns there.


Instructions to add pronouns on Zoom

  • Edit your Zoom profile to include your preferred pronouns. Updating your profile means you won't need to do this repeatedly for each meeting/class.

    • Sign into profile at

    • Click profile.

    • On the right side of your name, click edit.

    • In the pronouns field, enter your pronouns.

    • In the drop-down menu, choose one of the options about when they appear.

  • To add your pronouns temporarily once on Zoom:

    • Hover over your square or your name on the participants list.

    • Click ‘Share My Pronouns’ or click 'rename' and add pronouns.

Permission to post from originator:

Sara Smith-Silverman, PhD

Pronouns: she/they

Learn more about pronouns here

Professor of History and Social Justice Studies

American River College



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