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Professor Rebecca Hayes

A photo of Professor Hayes

Teaching Philosophy:

My goal is that every one of my assignments has meaning to you.   I don’t ever want students to say “Why am I doing this assignment? I will never use this in real life.” My hope is that every assignment you do in my courses will be something you can use in your life and future.

I want to help you find the area that you are most interested in and show you how you can make a career from it. The subjects I teach can be extremely technical and/or extremely creative ~ you can be any age, shape, color, or size ~ if you have the skills and are willing to continue to challenge and educate yourself, you are more than needed in this industry and the $$$ is lucrative.

Not thinking you have what it takes? Think again….. many of my students have very unique backgrounds, varied education, speak multiple languages, have learning disabilities, speak to a unique group, are extremely passionate about a cause, and even my mischievous students (it’s called ethical hacking)…..have an area in computer science.

I will be your advocate in whatever you would like to do. I will try to expose you to as much as I can in each course. Ask questions and sponge up as much as you can!!

Meet My Team


Rescue Dog

12 yr old Terrier of unknown origin ~ adopted from 3R Rescue in Winters, CA

I have now volunteered as their web, media, marketing person for 9 years


Silver Labrador Retriever

7 year old - leader of the group, makes sure we take breaks to throw ball and eat



3-yr-old silly girl provides comic relief. Likes to go outside to stand in pool, mess with the cats, and chase the chickens.

labradoodle dog
siilver labrador retriever with bone
terrier dog
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