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CISA 345 
Technical Marketing Applications

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This course provides an overview of online marketing applications. It includes creating websites using cloud based software, building media-rich content for blogs, and developing marketing strategies using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools such as Google Analytics. It also covers email marketing software to create and manage mailing lists, newsletters, and automated campaigns. Additionally, it covers audience building with other cloud based marketing tools such as podcasts, ebooks, webinars, and more. All software used in this course is free, cloud based, and mobile.

This course provides an overview of online marketing applications. It includes how to:
* make websites using cloud based applications
* build media rich content for blogs
* market using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools such as google analytics
* use email marketing software which gives you the ability to create and manage mailing lists, newsletters, and automated campaigns
* introduction on how to build your audience with other cloud based marketing tools such as podcasts, ebooks, webinars, and more
* All software used in this course is free, cloud based, and mobile!

No textbook required -

What students are saying ~

"Everyone, if you are looking for a fantastic set of courses to maximize your knowledge of online and social media marketing, look no further. As a small business owner, I learned SO MUCH about how to build and manage an effective online presence. As Professor Hayes points out in the class, social media marketing and online marketing now outpace print marketing by a significant measure. CISA 345 and 346 are a perfect combination of instruction to navigate the sometimes confusing waters of this relatively new, but very important, set of marketing strategies."

~ Katrina Rasbold

Business Owner and Author


Just so you know ~ this topic changes so quickly and there is much information and applications ~ I will be covering many popular apps that we will work on but will be bringing attention to other applications (that we don't have time for) as well.  Students are encouraged to share any applications they find useful too!

This is NOT a cookie cutter class.  This means assignments will be given weekly sometimes with me adding something new and exciting of interest to the class.

I realize this is a 2-unit course -  8 week course.  There are a few (only a few) of you that only want to do what it takes with minimum effort on your part to pass and get the units – and this is perfectly okay.  I also know that some of you are as enthusiastic as I am to get as much “under your belt” as you can because you are truly going to use all of this information for a marketing job, a business you have, a business you want to start, help a non-profit, or an interest/social entertainment of no dollar value.

With these two types of students in mind ~ some weeks I will offer different levels of effort. You can decide which level you want to work at.  It will not show on your transcripts but will be rewarded in other ways.  Basically, I am going to give you more than 2-units worth of stuff to do and I don’t want you to feel obligated unless you need it for yourself or your business.  Each topic that we will cover could take an entire 8 week course by basically, you will have to judge your time and commitment to each topic.

Student Level will be strictly what you need to work on 2-unit and a grade A-F. 

Master Level – you need this stuff, want to work on it, and get it done even if it is over and above what you need for the class.

I do have marketing/web/social media clients so I am "super into all of this marketing."  I read a ton of online articles, watch updated videos, have many community contacts, and do many tutorials to keep myself informed and up-to-date. I get very excited over little tips that I know yield much ~ so..... I apologize in advance if I overwhelm some of you with "stuff" --- I just think it is important and want to share!

Be sure to stay on top of your assignments each week.  If you turn in one week late - it will cost a letter grade. Don't wait until the the day assignments are due to look over the assignments. Some will be quick and some will take more time than you intended. Start at the beginning of the week so you have time to put some thought into each project.

Procrastination is the worst enemy to an online student.

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Much success in all of your courses!

The second part to this course is CISA 346 -- if you are not enrolled, be sure to quickly get enrolled or on the Waitlist.


Best to you all,

Professor Hayes

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Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • develop a website using online template tools

  • create a blog and connect it with a website

  • evaluate and prepare Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Inbound Marketing tactics

  • create SEO content types (content marketing) to include text, images, video, graphics, and presentations

  • assess and set up webmaster tool applications and measurement techniques used to evaluate digital marketing (analytics)

  • examine paid search marketing pay-per-click (PPC)

  • utilize an online application to set up an email marketing campaign

  • research other internet marketing platforms such as podcasts, ebooks, and webinars

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